About me


My name is Marius, I’m 20 years old, I live in Germany and I produce music in my free time. I grew up with music and began to learn the keyboard when I was 8. My keyboard is the Yamaha PSR-E 413. When I was about 10, I started to learn the piano. I took piano lessons every week and got an own piano at christmas. In August 2009 I decided to record some covers and upload them on Youtube. Some years later, I selled my piano for getting an e-piano. It’s the Kawaii CN34. I continued uploading more covers and got very good feedback. 2016 I found some audio softwares randomly. I just checked them out and tried to create some covers with it. Instrumental4You was born. Only one year later, I reached my first 1.000 subscribers. I expanded my equipment by an Steinberg UR22 Soundcard and an EasyKey Midikeyboard by Swissonic.

I hope you guys like my project. I don’t take money for producing. I invest my earnings from advertisings and donations in more, professional equipment.

Thank you to everyone who supports me!